Pro & DIY Level


We have the most extensive range of air spray guns in this industry, which includes HVLP spray guns, LVMP spray guns, High pressure spray guns, Low pressure spray guns, Touch up spray guns, Hopper guns, air duster guns, air washing guns, air inflating guns and sand blaster guns etc. With more than 40 years' focus on R & D and manufacturing of air spray guns, our range now covers both DIY and PRO level spray guns, which are well received in the international markets and can meet customers' demand in home use, furniture industry, auto repair & maintenance industry and industrial painting, etc.

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One-Stop Service


We provide one-stop service for all kinds of pneumatic tools. Our range now covers Impact wrenches, Screwdrivers, Ratchet wrenches, Air hammers, Air drills, Air die grinders, Air sanders, Cut off tools, Air metal shears, etc. Our team has been insisting on innovation and creativity and we have developed the 5th generation of pneumatic tools for all categories. The new generation is specially designed for auto repair & maintenance industy, which have won good reputation from the markets. We'll continue to innovate on all the series of pneumatic tools in the future to meet demand of our precious customers and partners.

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Professional Level


We make quality and professional grease injectors and have become one of the leading manufacturers in China in this field. We have a whole industrial grade range of grease injectors, which have won good reputation both from international and domestic markets. We'll insist on innovation and creativity on R & D to meet the demand of changeable markets.

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Diy Use


This range of sprayers includes power paint sprayers and airless paint sprayers. We have various innovative designs and own patents for each power paint sprayer, and they are well received in DIY markets. Airless paint sprayers mainly focus on piston pump and diaphragm pump types, which includes both DIY and PRO levels. All our paint sprayers have passed CE, GS, ETL or UL certificates. They adopts modular design method and conform to the standards of industry, which features the sprayers being reliable and easy to maintain.

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